Backfire (An FBI Thriller)

Catherine Coulter
San Francisco Judge Ramsey Hunt, longtime friend to FBI agents Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich, is presiding over the trial of Clive and Cindy Cahill – accused in a string of murders – when the proceedings take a radical turn. Federal prosecutor Mickey O'Rourke, known for his relentless style, becomes suddenly tentative in his opening statement, leading Hunt to suspect he’s been threatened – suspicions that are all but confirmed when Hunt is shot in the back.Savich and Sherlock receive news of the attack as an ominous note is delivered to Savich at the Hoover Building: YOU DESERVE THIS FOR WHAT YOU DID.  Security tapes fail to reveal who delivered the tapes.  Who is behind the shooting of Judge Ramsey Hunt?  Who sent the note to Savich? And what does it all mean?  Savich and Sherlock race to San Francisco to find out…watching their backs all the while.


Reviewed: 2018-11-09

This is the first of Catherine Coulter's FBI Thriller series that I've read. Maybe because this was my introduction to this particular series and its characters, I had some problems keeping track of all the many characters and who fit in where (especially all the different law enforcement officers, their ranks, affiliations, etc.). Other than that slight bump in the road, I enjoyed the book's was interesting, fast-moving, and kept me wanting to read more (which became a bit of a problem at 3 AM when I had to get up for work the next morning!). A great criminal suspense novel!

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