Here Be Dragons

Tom Taylor
The Deep: From Tom Taylor (Star Wars: Adventures, Star Wars: Blood Ties, The Authority) and James Brouwer, the Aurealis Award-winning, all-ages adventures of a multicultural family of underwater explorers begin here. "Strikes just the right balance between smart, funny, and menacing..." - MTV Geek"Beautifully illustrated by James Brouwer, the story is full of epic action, as well as great banter and character development... I loved Here Be Dragons" - New York Times bestselling author, Kevin J. Anderson.   "The Deep: Here be Dragons is without a doubt, unequivocally, hands down the most enthralling and enjoyable comic that I have read in a very, VERY long time." - Geek Of Oz     "Takes us to what can only be described as new depths of ageless family entertainment" - Comic Booked "While others look up to the stars, my family know that there are also stars beneath us, that there are an infinite number of things that shine brightly in the darkness below. My family are explorers. We have been for generations. We explore ...The Deep."


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