6-Movies With Soul V.2

Six Features
SOPHIE AND THE MOONHANGER In the 1950s South, a woman (Patricia Richardson) is torn between her husband, the Grand Dragon of the KKK, and her black best friend (Lynn Whitfield). MILK AND HONEY Jo, a Jamaican native, moves to Canada to help support her family. But she quickly learns that earning money and respect will be more difficult than she ever imagined. A GATHERING OF OLD MEN When a white farmer is shot in self-defense by a black man, a feisty plantation owner (Holly Hunter) devises a plan. Also starring Louis Gosset Jr. THE RIVER NIGER Proudly awaiting his son's return from the Air Force, house painter and moonlighting poet Johnny Williams (James Earl Jones) struggles to support his wife (Cicely Tyson). RESTING PLACE Resting Place is the story of one man's fight to give a young black soldier killed in action an honorable burial. Starring Morgan Freeman and John Lithgow. CRY, BELOVED COUNTRY In a land torn by hatred and injustice, two fathers (James Earl Jones and Richard Harris) form an unlikely union that could heal a nation.


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