Kabul Beauty School, The

Deborah Rodriguez
In a little beauty school in the war zone of kabul, a community of women comes together, all with stories to tell. Debbie, the american hairdresser who co-founds the training salon. As the burqas are removed in class, curls are coiffed and make-up is applied, debbie's students share with her their stories - and their hearts. Mina, forcibly married to a man in repayment of a family debt and threatened with having her child taken away. Roshanna, a tearful young bride terrified her in-laws will discover she's not a virgin. And nahida, the prize pupil who bears the scars of her taliban husband's approval. In the kabul beauty school, these women and many others find a safe haven and the seeds of their future independence. From the bestselling author of the little coffee shop of kabul, this is an eye-opening, inspiring and enthralling story.


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