5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son - Leader Kit: The Bible Study

Vicki Courtney
5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son - Leader Kit is a women's Bible study for moms who desire to help their sons build foundations of faith that will equip them throughout their lives. Author, Vicki Courtney, helps you prepare to talk to your son about the tough topics ― because even though knowing what to say or how to say it can be hard, there’s no one better to teach him about life, love, and faith than you.5 Conversation Topics and Run Times:Don't define manhood by the culture's wimpy standards. It's OK to be a man! 26:15What you don't learn to conquer may become your master. 22:30Not everyone's doing it! (And other truths about sex you won't hear in the locker room.) 27:53Boyhood is only for a season. P.S. It's time to grow up! 23:56Godly men are in short supply - dare to become one! 24:19A Final Charge: 28:05Features:DVDs with 6 group sessions (video sessions are between 25-30 minutes in length)Small-group Member Book includes: five weeks of home study, viewer guides, discussion questions, and a leader guide for facilitating six group sessions; offers variety of between-session activities that build parenting skills and biblical understandings


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