34 Bubblegums and Candies

Preeti Shenoy
34 Bubblegums And Candies is a book for anyone and everyone. It features a series of short stories with a variety of themes, that were taken from real life events in the author's life. Many of the stories featured in this book are common, everyday occurrences which every reader can relate with. Since each story attempts to elicit a different type of response, readers can simply pick and choose the story they wish to read without following the natural order of the stories. For instance, in one story Shenoy talks about how the date of her dad's demise and the birth of her brother's first child coincided. In another heartwarming story, Shenoy talks about what life is like for children living with HIV. In this particular story, she emphasizes that these kids are just like any other children and should be hugged and loved. Shenoy also explores the theme of faith as it appears in parent-child relationships by talking about her relationship with her 6-year old daughter. Due to the mundaneness of the stories, readers can easily relate to Shenoy. The book is organized into thirty four chapters, featuring 34 stories. Some of the titles of these chapters are My Special Friend, Feeling Needed, Age Miracles, The Stranger, and Mail Exchange. Shenoy ends each story with inspiring and thought provoking notes that explain how various experiences teach us something valuable. 34 Bubblegums And Candies was published in 2008 and was a national bestseller.


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