Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth, An

Chris Hadfield


Reviewed: 2019-06-19
This book was so fascinating to read and I've been recommending it to friends constantly. Chris Hadfield captured my attention when he started his twitter and tumblr. I had seen a post about his communication with William Shatner and decided to look into his twitter further. His tumblr became my home page so I was welcomed to his space photos every time I opened my browser. The moment I found out he had written a book I was so excited to read it. Since I received it I have been reluctant to put it down. This book changed my perspective on life. His space exploration has consumed my mind and made me want to feed this addiction more. How do I get more? I won't be heading to space anytime soon but I now want to re-watch every space movie I've ever seen. This book is an amazing read and an inspiration for my own life and goals. I just want to feel as accomplished as he does when I've reached his age. Wow.
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