Careers in the Environment (Careers inâ| Series)

Mike Fasulo, Paul Walker
Find an exciting, fulfilling career--and save the world at the same time! Our environment is in serious jeopardy and has been for a long time. The difference today is that fewer and fewer people in power are denying the fact--which means that more and more jobs are sprouting up to help solve the problem. From government to private industry, money is now being channeled into saving the environment--and there's a place in this hot new industry for you! Careers in the Environment gives you invaluable tips for finding a job in one of the many areas that make up this diverse field. Whether you like to work for a profit or nonprofit company, for government or big business, this guide will help you: Develop a clear understanding of your career options Key in on the specialty most suited for you--from air-quality specialist to oceanographer to forestry technician Understand what to expect in an entry-level job Find the education and training you'll need to stay one step ahead of the competition Familiarize yourself with current salaries, benefits, and the best job prospects


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