Adventures of Cow, Too

Lori Korchek
Cow needs groceries! Just a few items on the list, but will Cow make it home on time? Here's more of the Cow you love--simple vocabulary mix-ups and silly on-location photographs combine to transform a lovable squish toy into a heroine for our time.  An everyday errand turns into a great adventure as Cow goes to market. Spot squish on cover gives readers a touch of Cow. Charming gift for cow and Cow collectors, alike.


Reviewed: 2020-12-01
Young children may enjoy the colorful pictures of the rubber cow. The adult reader will probably have fun with the silly captions that are used throughout the book. Without a knowledgeable reader, some children may be confused by the silliness. Since this book has been described as nonfiction, it may be more confusing than educational.
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