Challenging Homophobia: Teaching about Sexual Diversity

* With a Foreword by Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Laureate and Archbishop emeritus* Valuable combination of psychological insights and practical suggestions for better educational practiceChallenging Homophobia brings together accounts of how educators in various national and cultural contexts are dealing with prejudice, discrimination, stereotyping and sometimes overt violence against sexual minorities--particularly lesbian and gay youth and adults. The contributors emphasize the importance of changing the prejudicial attitudes of people who believe that their homophobic views on sexuality are morally superior. The book provides a valuable combination of reflections on the underlying psychological and social processes and suggestions for better educational practice, including tested lesson plans and inspiring resources for challenging the social ill of homophobia. With its insights into the effective and creative methods developed in nine different countries to address homophobia, this book is essential for educators, students, and administrators.The contributors are: Lutz van Dijk (South Africa); Barry van Driel (Belgium); Elisabeth Atkinson and Renee DePalma; Debbie Epstein and Sarah O’Flynn (UK); Dawn Betteridge, Lutz van Dijk (South Africa); Peter Dankmeijer (The Netherlands); Melinda L. de Jesus and Michele Kahn (US); Darren Lund (Canada); Stefan Timmermanns (Germany); Krzysztof Zablocki (Poland).


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