Amazing Thailand

Mike Shiley
An insider's view with adventure traveler Mike Shiley - Since the 1960s, Thailand has been a major vacation destination because of its stunning tropical islands, trekking trips to visit hill tribe villages and world famous cuisine. But did you also know that Thailand... Has the longest reigning monarch in the world? Has 13 different words for smile? Has always been an independent country? Is the most stable country in Southeast Asia... The Thai people are very proud of their independence and it radiates through their wonderful smiles. Thailand literally means, the Land of the Free, and like the United States, the Thai's value and cherish that freedom every day. So join me on my latest adventure through Thailand for an insider's view of the people and places of this truly amazing country. Experience temples, markets, people and food ... Ride an elephant through the jungle to visit hill tribe villages ... Kayak to uninhabited islands ... Float through the famous canals of hidden Bangkok ... Learn the cultural arts of Thai cooking, message and kickboxing.


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