Beautiful Roses Made Easy Southern (Jackson & Perkins Beautiful Roses Made Easy)

Teri Dunn
Jackson & Perkins is the leading brand of roses in America. Through years of development, Jackson & Perkins now offers roses that have characteristics that allow gardeners to enjoy roses without all the maintenance requirements. Jackson & Perkins Beautiful Roses Made Easy is available in regional editions and explains how roses can now be easy to grow and enjoy in any part of the country. Some gardeners have avoided roses assuming that they were too tricky, fussy, and difficult to grow. This book will help gardeners identify the roses that are easy to grow in their region of the country, and also give tips on how to care for and maintain them. Through six regional editions, Jackson & Perkins Beautiful Roses Made Easy explains how breeding and testing provide modern-day roses that are much easier to grow, with better results. Regional editions give readers specific information on growing conditions in their area and the best roses for those conditions.


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