Double Teamed [VHS]

Duwayne Dunham
Inspired by the true story of WNBA players Heidi and Heather Burge -- also known as the world's tallest twins -- DOUBLE TEAMED is slam dunk fun for everyone! High school freshman Heidi (Annie McElwain, SAVED BY THE BELL: THE NEW CLASS) and her sister Heather (Poppi Monroe, THE LAST DON) may be twins, but they have little in common, except for basketball. Heather dreams of stardom in the WNBA while Heidi dreams of stardom as an actress. With their dad Larry (Nick Searcy, CAST AWAY) and mom Mary (Mackenzie Phillips, SO WEIRD) at odds over their future, it seems no one is playing as a team. Worst of all their jealous teammate Nicky has just revealed a secret that could get them kicked off the team. Clearly, these twins need to get a game plan -- and fast -- because the championship, a scholarship, and their relationship are at stake ... and time is quickly running out!


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