Auschwitz: The Complete Guide

Perry Buck
Auschwitz: The Complete Guide brings the history, cultural impact and modern-day travel experiences of Auschwitz together in a single volume for the very first time.  Although Auschwitz was one of many German concentration and extermination camps operating throughout World War II, it has become a pervasive symbol of terror, genocide and the Nazi Holocaust that set out to rid Europe of the Jewish population.  Auschwitz: The Complete Guide looks into the horrors and travesties that occurred within the walls of arguably the most infamous Nazi death camp of World War II.  Discover how Auschwitz, the symbol of man’s inhumanity to man, is portrayed in books, on film and in TV documentaries. Such representations influence our understanding not only of the shocking past but also of present world conflicts.  Auschwitz today is visited each year by some 1.5 million people from around the world. As a travel guide to the sites of Auschwitz I and Birkenau, this book is ideal for students, historians and anyone who is planning to visit this haunting reminder of the past.  An insightful read, this book offers the reader a comprehensive history of Auschwitz and its legacy.     (Perry Buck)


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