Auto-B-Good Faith Collection: Faith Training

Gary Meyer, Charles Meyer
Welcome to the City of Auto, a place where cars and trucks come to life to bring fun and excitement on the road to excellent character. Each story is fuel-injected with valuable moral lessons on topics like bravery, sharing, dependability, and generosity. Join Johnny, Izzi, EJ, Cali and friends in ten adventures that are packed with thrills, laughs, and a meaningful faith message that will last a lifetime.Auto-B-Good is a wonderful place for kids to explore and learn what it means to be upright in character. Each episode is built around an important core value and is hand-tooled with stories and songs that help children live out their faith through making good choices. So buckle your seat belt and hang on, the Auto-B-Good friends are ready to roll!Episodes: The Land of Odds (Dependability) Friends to the Rescue (Confidence) The Cobra Canyon Leap (Dignity) Rising to the Occasion (Bravery) Daring Dreamers (Determination) A Taxing Problem (Sharing) CARnival (Helpfulness) Lug Nutt (Enthusiasm) Bonus Episodes: No Rules Allowed (Obedience) Heavenly Event (Generosity) Contains previously released material


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