Backpack To Briefcase: Steps to a Successful Career

Terry Arndt, John Ricchini
Backpack To Briefcase is a "career success guide" developed for the recent graduate beginning a new career. The topics in this book focus on the essential skills employers want their employees to possess. In addition, Backpack To Briefcase provides you the information you need to advance your career. Give your career a head start on the path to success – read Backpack To Briefcase! Backpack To Briefcase guides you through the steps to a successful career, including: ·Requesting a raise or promotion ·Dressing for success ·Communicating effectively: verbally and non-verbally ·Preparing for a performance review ·Developing professional etiquette skills ·Managing and participating in business meetings ·Networking like a professional ·Choosing a mentor ·Learning the skill of self-promotion ·Building a successful relationship with your supervisor Backpack To Briefcase is unlike other "career advice" books that focus on finding a job. Instead, Backpack To Briefcase was developed as a guide to provide you the tools you need to be successful throughout your career. Backpack To Briefcase is your first step toward a successful career!


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