Boys from Brazil

Ira Levin
In this classic thriller, Ira Levin imagines Dr Josef Mengele's nightmarish plot to restore the Third Reich. Alive and hiding in South America, thirty years after the end of the Second World War, Mengele gathers a group of former colleagues for a sinister project - the creation of the Fourth Reich. Ageing Nazi hunter Yakov Lieberman is informed of the plot but before he hears the evidence, his source is killed ...Spanning continents and inspired by true events, what follows is one of Levin's most masterful tales, both timeless and chillingly plausible. Praise for Ira Levin: "Levin is the Swiss watchmaker of the suspense novel". (Stephen King).


Reviewed: 2017-06-13
interesting premise, surprisingly gripping considering that the main character was solving a mystery but wasn't put in harm's way till almost the end of the novel. I wish I hadn't known the twist ahead of time, but the final chapter really put the nail in it.






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