Stories from Latin America: An Esl/Efl Reader

Larry T. Myers


Reviewed: 2019-01-23

This book will be useful to give students practice reading in Mexico. Its stories read like an ESL text version of "La Rosa de Guadalupe" (a Mexican anthology drama program). They're a bit too over-the-top moralistic from my point of view but it is respectful to a common perspective in the Fortin community. The stories are short and reasonably engaging with an accessible style of prose, but what is most useful is the way the stories are broken up. Each story is preceded with some "prereading" questions that would be useful for class discussion. There are additional questions as the story nears its conclusion which would be useful for journal prompts. It could perhaps be better if the conclusion could be withheld from the reader to build the anticipation for the class when the author's conclusion could be shared. This review may be revised later after using it with students.

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