Evolution of Chinese National Character (Chinese Edition), The

Zhang Hongjie
The National character is not something changeless, from Spring and Autumn period to Tang and Song dynasty, and to Ming and Qing dynasty, Chinese peoples national character is turning worse and worse like the fall. In Spring and Autumn period, Chinese people were unsophisticated and honest. People in Tang dynasty had the spirit of warriors. However, after entering Ming and Qing dynasty, ruffianism in Chinese people became more and more obvious, and the change had a lot to do with the tyrannic system. From the observation of Chinese national character in the world perspective and the analysis of the evolution of Chinese peoples national character in historical views, the author believes the backward system caused the deep-rooted bad habits of Chinese people. Since modern times, from Liang Qichao, Lu Xun to Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong worked hard to improve Chinese peoples national character, which achieved little result. The root was the systematic construction and improvement of Chinese peoples national character was not simultaneous. There is no filterable germ in Chinese people, so to improve the national character, we need to do something about the system.


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