Ancient, My Enemy

Dickson, Gordon R.
From the pages of If, Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Analog magazines, nine memorable tales by Gordon R. Dickson:Ancient, My Enemy: An arresting tale of love and loss involving a space age prospector who suddenly comes face to face with the deadliest alien of all—himself.The Odd Ones: A saga of two “philosophical engineers” whose job it is to balance the survival techniques of every creature on a planet—and their first encounter with Earthlings.The Monkey Wrench: In which a perfect machine that insists on being logical at all times becomes the perfect sucker—with ironically grim results.Tiger Green: A nightmare story of visitors from earth stranded on a planet whose inhabitants love them enough to free them from their lives!The Friendly Man: He was very friendly—he’d waited a long time to see the man out of time—but his whole purpose was one he’d never realize.Love Me True: In this deceptive chiller a young space pioneer becomes the unwitting victim of an insidious weapon whose strength lies in its ability to make its victims love it.Our First Death: A poignantly human story of a space colony of the uprooted and unprepared, working out of their obscure destiny in a world somehow more recognizable than the realms of interstellar heroes.In the Bone: A parable of men and machines and the terrible danger of confusing a creation and its creator.The Bleak and Barren Land: Where exiles from an overcrowded world struggle to establish a small part of the Earth they once knew—and would never know again.


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