Lola Plants a Garden

Anna McQuinn
Readers who loved Lola at the Library, Lola Loves Stories, and Lola Reads to Leo are in for a backyard treat. After Lola reads a book of garden poems, she wants to plant some flowers. She gets books from the library and chooses her plants. Then Lola and her mommy buy the seeds, make the garden, and mark the rows. Now it?s time to wait. . . .


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#lolaplantsagarde... I tied to plant but i always kill them.
#lolaplantsagarde... is a wonderful book! Lola sees something that interests her in a book and brings it to life!!
#lolaplantsagarde... After reading the story, have students make an easy reader booklet. Extend LA Activity: Letter G writing and drawing.
#lolaplantsagarde... I love this book cause it tells the story and steps of a little girl who plants a garden with her mom!
#lolaplantsagarde... I would have the students to plant a seed in a plant pot. Water it and keep notes on the growing stages.