In Focus: National Geographic Greatest Portraits

National Geographic Society
National Geographic Greatest Portraits tells the story of portrait photography through the eyes - and words - of five accomplished National Geographic photographers. The book showcases images never-before-seen alongside award-winning favorites. New and fascinating text reveals photographers' individual experiences photographing people and their evaluation of NG portraits produced during each decade - from the late-19th century until today. In Focus opens with a beautiful and surprising look at National Geographic's contribution to the knowledge of the world's peoples through photography. Five chapters follow, each spanning approximately two decades and covering an era in world history and photographic style. The chapters are: Before 1930 (Exploring the power of photography), 1930s-1940s (The Great Depression and World War II), 1950s-1960s (Bright colors and perky smiles), and 1970s-1980s (Back to realism), and 1990s-Present (Everything is relative). Each of these chapters is a portrait of the world.


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