Brothers of the knight

Debbie Allen
This modern fable by actress-producer Debbie Allen is a hip retelling of the classic tale of The Twelve Dancing Princesses.Reverend Knight is at his wits' end. Why are his twelve sons' shoes worn to thread each morning when the boys claim to have been asleep all night? Then Sunday, the new housekeeper, arrives. Her voice is like a songbird's and her biscuits are "slap yo'self good." With the gift of magic, she discovers the boys' nightly trips to a swinging dance hall. They fear their father's disapproval, but Sunday knows they must be honest with him. Can she work her sweet magic on the Knight family--and is there a place in it for her?The multitalented Ms. Allen now proves herself to be a storyteller extraordinaire. Rising young artist Kadir Nelson's brilliant artwork bursts with color, richness, and energy, making this the perfect gift for funky, toe-tapping fun.


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