Barry Windsor-Smith: Opus (Vol. 1)

Barry Windsor-Smith
A combination autobiography, New Age meditation and art book chronicling the artist's life and work. Well over 100 full-color illustrations, including complete stories, sketches, paintings, designs, and much more.The first in a series of stunningly designed hardcover art books featuring hundreds of the artist's works from throughout his remarkable 30-year career. These full-color editions — chronicling the life and works of one of the most acclaimed artists from the worlds of comics and Romantic Art — present scores of never-before-published paintings and drawings from the artist's personal collection, while also re-presenting many of his classic works from the '70s and '80s. The extensive texts in the series of books are sure to create excitement and controversy among his legion of fans, while at the same time attracting new audiences through Windsor-Smith's involvement in, and observations regarding, the paranormal. The author recounts his life's adventures not so much as a painter, storyteller and comics artist, but in the mysterious realms of cosmic experience. Color and black-and-white illustrations throughout


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