Marcus Lehmann
Journey back to Jerusalem, the second century C.E., after the destruction of the Second Temple, when Rome ruled the world, and discover the amazing story of one of the greatest Sages of all time Rabbi Akiva. Against the vivid backdrop of the ancient Middle East, noted author Meir Lehmann, breathes life into the incredible story of Akiva, who rose from an ignorant, humble background as a shepherd to become one of the outstanding teachers and leaders of his people. Mingle with emperors and aristocracy as you travel from Jerusalem to Rome, from Athens to Alexandria, in these captivating pages filled with the glories and tragedies of this challenging chapter in Jewish history. Drawing upon a wealth of authentic, traditional sources, this gripping historical novel - while it captures the drama and intrigue of imperial Rome is also filled with wisdom and inspiration as it journeys into the heart of Judaism.


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