Da Vinci Code, The

Dan Brown
While in Paris on business, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon receives an urgent late-night phone call: the elderly curator of the Louvre has been murdered inside the museum. Near the body, police have found a baffling cipher. While working to solve the enigmatic riddle, Langdon is stunned to discover it leads to a trail of clues hidden in the works of Da Vinci -- clues visible for all to see -- yet ingeniously disguised by the painter.Langdon joins forces with a gifted French cryptologist, Sophie Neveu, and learns the late curator was involved in the Priory of Sion -- an actual secret society whose members included Sir Isaac Newton, Botticelli, Victor Hugo, and Da Vinci, among others. In a breathless race through Paris, London, and beyond, Langdon and Neveu match wits with a faceless powerbroker who seems to anticipate their every move. Unless Langdon and Neveu can decipher the labyrinthine puzzle in time, the Priory's ancient secret -- and an explosive historical truth -- will be lost forever.THE DA VINCI CODE heralds the arrival of a new breed of lightning-paced, intelligent thriller…utterly unpredictable right up to its stunning conclusion.


Reviewed: 2019-01-15
I actually enjoyed this book. It's a fun read with lots of action and mystery. Whatever!
Reviewed: 2016-06-16
Reviewed: 2015-10-31
Sometimes, you just want to have FUN! This book served this purpose for me. I had a blast with this book! Yes, it's complete tripe. Yes, it's formulaic. Yes, it's stupid beyond belief. But, it is a really fun book! It was so much fun that I really can't remember one thing about this book, other than it was about Jesus and Mary Magdelene and somehow or other, Leonardo and Mona Lisa are involved, but I do recall the breathless pleasure I had reading it. It's like religious porn. I kept turning the pages because it made me feel like a bad girl, heh heh heh. *This* is why I give it the rating of "amazing." If I had to vote, purely on the worth of the book, I'd have to give it one star, as it really is complete tripe.
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