I'm a teenager … get me out of here!: a survival guide for teenage siblings of young people with autism!

BROCK, Carolyn
If you're a teenager and have a brother or sister with autism, this book is for you. It's meant to be light-hearted as well as helpful and we hope that some parts of it will make you smile. When you have a brother or sister with autism, it's completely natural to feel that life is unfair sometimes, that too much is expected of you. Perhaps you feel you get less attention form your parents than your sibling, or you're angry with your parents for not coping with it all better. Maybe you just want more information and to know if there's anyone else out there going through the same things, like frustration, anger, embarrassment, affection or guilt and just want to know if others feel the same. Whatever the reason for picking up this book, it should help you to: · Realise you’re not alone · Feel encouraged that you’re doing ok · Be honest about your feelings · Know where to look for further help · Understand your sibling better · Explain your brother or sister to other people · Work out ways of avoiding difficult situations · See that good things can come from having a sibling with autism · Laugh and see your situation in perspective


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