Bag of Bones

Stephen King
Here is Stephen King's most gripping and unforgettable novel -- a tale of grief and lost love's enduring bonds, of haunting secrets of the past, and of an innocent child caught in a terrible crossfire. Four years after the sudden death of his wife, forty-year-old bestselling novelist Mike Noonan is still grieving. Unable to write, and plagued by vivid nightmares set at the western Maine summerhouse he calls Sara Laughs, Mike reluctantly returns to the lakeside getaway. There, he finds his beloved Yankee town held in the grip of a powerful millionaire, Max Devore, whose vindictive purpose is to take his three-year-old granddaughter, Kyra, away from her widowed young mother, Mattie. As Mike is drawn into Mattie and Kyra's struggle, as he falls in love with both of them, he is also drawn into the mystery of Sara Laughs, now the site of ghostly visitations and escalating terrors. What are the forces that have been unleashed here -- and what do they want of Mike Noonan? It is no secret that King is one of our most mesmerizing storytellers. In Bag of Bones, he proves to be one of our most moving as well.


Stephen King remains my favorite author, even though almost nothing I have read after Bag of Bones --which he published in 1998--, although I have loved, has quite thrilled me as much as this masterpiece, which I am now reading with the same grip for the third time. Mike Noonan's slow descent from mourning to horror and then ascention to love is one of the best trips King has given me yet.

Mike Noonan is a best-selling author who must deal with his young wife's sudden death, paired with an inexplicable but very real writer's block. Faced with a glum future in what he calls "the back forty" of his life, he decides to visit their summer home in upper Maine, the lake house called Sara Laughs, to try and find answers to his life. But he's very soon to find out that precisely thanks to the past, writer's block might very well be the least of his problems.


Stephen King sigue siendo mi autor favorito, aunque casi nada de lo que he leído después de Un Saco de Huesos --publicada en 1998--, aunque me han encantado, han logrado emocionarme tanto como0 esta obra de arte, que ahora estoy leyendo por tercera vez. El lento descenso de Mike Noonan del luto al horror y su siguiente ascensión hacia amor es uno de los mejores viajes al que King me ha sometido.

Mike Noonan es un autor exitoso que debe lidiar con la repentina muerte de su joven esposa, junto con un inexplicable pero muy real bloqueo de escritor. Enfrentado a un oscuro futuro de los últimos cuarenta años de su vida, decide visitar su casa de verano en el norte de Maine, la casa del lago llamada Sara Risas, para tratar de encontrar las respuestas de su vida. Pero muy pronto descubrirá que, gracais al pasado, el bloqueo de escritor podría bien ser el menor de sus problemas.
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