Captive to Glory: Celebrating the Vision and Influence of Jonathan Edwards

John Piper
FREE DOWNLOAD Taste & See What Edwards Saw “There are millions of ordinary reflectors of God’s glory,” writes John Piper. “And there are some whom God has favored with unusual capacities to see and show the majesty of God in the Scriptures. Edwards is one of those. I can dip into almost anything he wrote and before long I am in a God-entranced world. The God of the Bible—not another God—explodes with brilliance. There is no one who does this for me like Edwards.” This little book of collected writings is a tribute to Piper’s much-loved teacher. And even more, it is a tribute to the God who entranced the soul of Jonathan Edwards all his life. We pray that you would taste and see what he saw—perhaps, by God’s great grace, even more.


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