Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary - A Photographic Remembrance

Ruud Van der Rol, Rian Verhoeven
Anne Frank lived a life filled with the enthusiasms and hopes shared by many young women coming into adulthood.  But the times Anne lived in and wrote of in her diary made her simple life extraordinary.  In over one hundred photographs, many which have never been published, this poignant memoir brings to life the harrowing story of one young Jewish woman's struggle to survive during a period of history which must never be forgotten.  "All libraries will want this: for classroom units studying the Holocaust, for kids reading the diary, for everyone who remembers it."  - Booklist


Reviewed: 2018-10-31

First the book describe how was the life of Anne and her family before the 2nd World War. then it starts describing how was the life for Jews during the war.Then the book tells you about the secret house where she and her family lived. At the end it tells you the concentration camps where she and her family where captured and how Anne died. I really liked this book because it helped me to know more about history specificaly about the 2nd World War, so I really recommend you this book.

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