Duck Commander Family: How Faith, Family, and Ducks Built a Dynasty, The

Willie Robertson, Korie Robertson
Faith. Family. Ducks—in that order. This book gives readers an up-close and personal, behind-the-scenes look at the family in the exploding A&E show—Duck Dynasty. This Louisiana bayou family operates Duck Commander, a booming family business that has made them millions. You’ll hear all about the Robertson clan from Willie and what it was like growing up in the Robertson household. You’ll sample some of Willie’s favorite family recipes from Phil, Kay, and even some of his own concoctions; and you’ll get to know the beautiful Robertson women. You’ll hear from Korie about the joys and hardships of raising a family, running a business, and wrangling the Robertson men while staying fashionable and beautiful inside and out. Discover more about the family dynamics between brothers Willie, Jase, Jep, and parents Phil and Kay. You’ll even meet a fourth brother who isn’t in the show. The popularity of Duck Dynasty is skyrocketing, garnering a Wednesday-night top two finish in all of cable. The book releases in time for season two of the show in October 2012.


Reviewed: 2016-12-04

I have long been intrigued by the Robertsons and how they became rich and famous. I initially thought they were dumb rednecks that got lucky and figured out a way to get rich in a fluke. I could not have been more wrong. This book opens your eyes to who and what this family really is. They are hard-working, loyal people and their dedication to their family is admirable. I learned that this family is far from stupid or reckless like I initially expected. Instead, they risked everything and worked tirelessly to make their father's dream come true. This book sends an excellent message all to readers of all ages. They don't drink, party, or behave like animals. Instead they serve as role models. While this book does have a fairly heavy presence of religion in it, it is not the focal point. I would suggest this book as an easy read with multiple short and humorous stories to keep the reader's attention.

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