Duck & Goose Go to the Beach (Duck and Goose)

Tad Hills
In this delightful follow-up to the New York Times bestselling Duck & Goose and Duck, Duck, Goose, Duck wants to go on an adventure. Goose doesn't. He doesn't see the point. After all, why would they go anywhere when they're happy right where they are? But then Goose sees the ocean and loves it. Who doesn't? Well, Duck, for one!


Reviewed: 2020-12-01

Duck and Goose are back for another exciting adventure! Join the two friends as they head off to explore the beach. Adventurous Duck wants to go explore the world, yet his quiet friend Goose isn't so sure. "Why should we leave," Goose thinks, "we have everything we need right here." Eventually convinced, Goose joins his friend. They arrive at the beach and meet new friends, do new things, and explore. Their journey is depicted by beautiful oil paintings. A perfect story for kindergarten and first grade, filled with friendship, adventure, and our favorite birds. Submitted by: McKenzie B. 

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