Chains of Command (Frontlines)

Marko Kloos
The assault on Earth was thwarted by the destruction of the aliens’ seed ship, but with Mars still under Lanky control, survivors work frantically to rebuild fighting capacity and shore up planetary defenses. Platoon sergeant Andrew Grayson must crash-course train new volunteers—all while dulling his searing memories of battle with alcohol and meds.Knowing Earth’s uneasy respite won’t last, the North American Commonwealth and its Sino-Russian allies hurtle toward two dangerous options: hit the Lanky forces on Mars or go after deserters who stole a fleet of invaluable warships critical to winning the war. Assigned to a small special ops recon mission to scout out the renegades’ stronghold on a distant moon, Grayson and his wife, dropship pilot Halley, again find themselves headed for the crucible of combat—and a shattering new campaign in the war for humanity’s future.


Reviewed: 2016-08-26

I can't say enough great things about the Frontline series from Marko Kloos. I just wrapped up book 4, Chains of Command, and it further cements the series as one of my favorites in the Sci-Fi genre. The Characters continue to develop and grow into their increasing responsibilities in the NAC, but their increase rank does not keep them out of the line of fire for very long. Where many other military science fiction series seem to lose the excitement as the characters increase in rank and their story becomes more politically based, Kloos manages to keep his characters involved in the action.

The more I read Frontlines, the more I start to compare them to Wraith Squadron series of the StarWars Legends EU by Aaron Allston. Both story lines are ripe with action, a fair amount of humor, and the character development continues perfectly from book to book . 

There isn't much I could say new about the series. Chains of Command follows the same format as the previous three books, Terms of EnlistmentLines of Departure, and Angles of Attack. The story continues back out into space to another new colony, the seemingly heaven like planet of Arcadia, where Grayson must now lead an entire platoon after accepting a promotion to lowly Lieutenant. The main villain conflict in the story is back to being human, but what side is actually the villain gets to be a much blurrier picture with the thought provoking finish on this one.

The saddest part about finishing this one is that so far I can't find a release date on the next one! These have been my turn to books for breaking my reading slump during a busy summer where the distractions have taken me away from bookstores and bookmarks far to many times for my liking. With Fall finally in the air up here in the far north, I would love a few more books of his to curl up in the reading nook with.

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