Little Red Riding Hood

In this beloved tale, Little Red Riding Hood is uneasy when her grandmother looks suspiciously like a sly wolf that she met along the way. Children will eagerly continue reading to see what will happen when the wolf shows how big and sharp his teeth are! --Between the pages of the Brighter Child(R) Keepsake Stories books are the classic tales of magic, imagination, and inspiration that will delight children again and again. From the hard-working Red Hen to the foolish Gingerbread Man, these stories will capture children's interest and spark their imagination page after page, inspiring a lifelong love of literature and reading. Each book includes 32 pages of fresh, captivating illustrations, and measures 8" x 8".


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#littleredridingh... very famous book I love this book, a very good book to teach kids you cant trust everybody.
#littleredridingh... European tale about a little girl and a big bad wolf, origins can be traced back to the 17th century.
#littleredridingh... is a European fairytale that was originated in the 17th century about a young girl who is independent and clever.
#littleredridingh... This was actually my favorite book to read. This book teaches children not to wonder in the woods and talk to strangers
#littleredridingh...Another favorite book because my grandma would read this book also.
This yong girl is so confused when her grandmother really isn't her grandmother. #littleredridingh...
#littleredridingh... this is a great book that easily appeals to children and can also be kind of funny.
#littleredridingh... is a childhood favorite for many generations!
#littleredridingh... i remember this book because me and my brother used to pretend we where the wolf and gingerbread man.
#littleredridingh... This book used to be my all-time favorite book to read. I read this book to my kids, and they enjoy its mystery.
#littleredridingh... this book was one of my favorite childhood memories while in school. My teacher would let us dress as the characters.
#littleredridingh... is a cute book for children to see how people or animals can not be good to deal with.
#littleredridingh... offers bright colors for images that follow the story. Offers great traditional literature for children!
#littleredridingh... a young girl going to visit her sick grandmother meets a hungry wolf as she cuts through the forest.
#littleredridingh... I remember my grandparents reading this tale to me as a child. I think this is a great book for this genre.