1857: Urdu Sources

I.H. Ansari
The present book is a collection of literal translation and some exhaustive notes culled from Muraqq-i-Khusravi, Waqi'at-i-Dar-ul-Hukumat Delhi, Tarikh-i-Nagpur, Majra-i-Watan: Tarikh Malegoan and Zilah Nasik, Tarikh-i-Shahjahanpur, Naqdh-i-Sulaiman, Ahsan-ut-Tawarikh and East India Company aur Baghi Ulema unravelling the events of 1857 for the benefit of the future researchers of this theme. Time and again, lack of knowledge of Persian and Urdu keeps a mass of clinching historical material away fro our grasp. This humble attempt serves the putrpose of removing this bottleneck to some extent in respect of 1857.


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