Annali della Fondazione Luigi Einaudi XXXIII- 1999

Leo S. Olschki
Born in 1961 around the library by Luigi Einaudi, the non-profit organization Fondazione Einaudi of Turin has the aim of training in the field of economic studies, political and historical scholars and young people to set up work tools suited to the needs of a modern society. The "Annals of Luigi Einaudi" Foundation are published since 1967. Their essential character is the very close link with research activities promoted and financed by the Foundation, ranging in different historical disciplines, social and economic. Each volume and it carries in the first part (Chronicles of the Foundation), an accurate account of the initiatives promoted by the year taken into consideration. The following are the actual research grants (Essays) and acts of conferences organized by the Foundation, while the last part of the book (texts and documents) is dedicated to unpublished publications, preserved in the historical.


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