Modern Africa: A Social and Political History

Basil Davidson
This book, revised and enlarged from its first edition, is primarily for students preparing for a variety of intermediate and senior level examinations in which a knowledge of the history of modern Africa is required. Designed for use with detailed national histories, it presents these histories within the framework of an all-African overview of events, trends, movements, ideas, dates and personalities between about 1914 and 1980. It presents the origins and the growth of the liberating ideas and actions of African resurgence at the end of World War II; reviews the varied fortunes of African nationalism in changing colonies into independent states; and considers the failure of the developed world to reform the imbalance of the "north-south" relationship with its former colonies. While the book concentrates on the wide range of subjects and themes required for full examination syllabus coverage, it is hoped at the same time that teachers, college students and other readers will find here a useful record and synthesis.


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