How to Make It Big as a Consultant 27200

William A. Cohen Ph.D.
"A consultant is an entire company all rolled up into one person! A consultant acts as marketer, salesperson, subject expert, legal adviser, accountant, negotiator, and more! In other words--consultants need help! That's why How to Make It Big as a Consultant keeps selling and selling. Written by a veteran consultant with hundreds of consulting engagements to his credit, this up-close-and-personal guide is filled with highly-focused, detailed advice on every aspect of starting up and maintaining a highly lucrative consulting career. Completely updated, the third edition includes new chapters on how to do effective research, and how the Internet can provide a multitude of business opportunities. All the basics that make this book a favorite are still included, such as how to: * Understand what clients think they need (and analyze if it's what they really need) * Market the business--both directly and indirectly * Create the structure for an assignment (proposals, pricing, contracts, scheduling) * Solve clients' problems (using the Harvard Case Study Method) * Structure and run the business (all the legal, tax, and insurance issues) * Grow and evolve to become an outstanding consultant--one that clients turn to again and again."


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