: A mother to share the children benefit from the concept of lifetime nine classes from the rear section to Cornell(Chinese Edition)

Paperback. Pub Date: 2011 Pages: 256 Language: Traditional Chinese Publisher: British Virgin Islands providers Ko Po comes to school. how to do that. the child is the best? I grew up in the road. my parents want their children to have thinking a flexible. self-confidence. creativity and other qualities not only memorize the correct answers nerd; Even if my academic performance has been very bad. they still give me that encourage I am the mother of three children. more profound to think about this question. my experience is: the school regardless of where my kids? concept which school? accept the kind of education system? believe that as long as the kids have confidence in yourself. love yourself. his life could play magic light shine! - classes from the rear section to Cornell the author Chen Zhen Ying Jenny a mother from the growth starting to see the child's future educati...


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