Ecclesiastes: Enjoying God's Gifts (God's Word for Today)

Each study in the God s Word for Today series provides an in-depth exploration of a book of the Bible. Each session includes:- background information on the book of the Bible, its author, audience, occasion, and purpose;- learning experiences that promote exciting and challenging discussions;- notes for leaders that answer questions, suggest a learning process, and provide additional information;- discussion starters that help participants apply God s Word to their daily lives. (6 sessions) A wealth of divine wisdom for daily living is available in Ecclesiastes. In this Old Testament book we can discover how the truths of King Solomon can lead us into a deeper study of all the Bible. We can learn what God, though Solomon, teaches us about:- viewing and living life in a sinful world;- dealing with the good and the bad in life;- worship and wisdom;- God's abundant grace and mercy demonstrated iin the person and life of Jesus;- enjoying our earthly life and using the gifts God has given in His glory.


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