3-D Thrillers: Monster Trucks and Speed Machines

Mr. Paul Harrison
Buckle up! The highly successful 3-D Thrillers series is getting a tune-up.With 3-D THRILLERS: SPEED MACHINES AND MONSTER TRUCKS, young readers will be in for a whole new ride. Just like the previous books in the series, SPEED MACHINES AND MONSTER TRUCKS comes with customized 3-D glasses and is packed with dozens of awesome photos that will jump off the page. Kids will get to learn about their favorite fast vehicles and larger-than-life trucks. They'll learn about the fastest car on the planet, the Thrust SSC, which travels at 763 mph! And they'll be shocked when they discover that the longest monster truck jump ever was a massive 202 feet over a 727 airplane! These speed machines and monster trucks are bigger and badder now that they're in 3-D!


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