Beaded Tassels, Braids & Fringes

Valerie Campbell-Harding
Attach them to curtains, lampshades, dresses, bags, and pillows: beaded tassels add sparkle to anything--as these hundreds of diagrams and photos brilliantly show. You probably even have most of what you need at home already. Choose from a variety of styling options, bead types, and tassels (including the humbug, frilled neck, netted neck, and patterned neck). Plus, try 9 types of skirt, 6 kinds of fringe, and 8 heads. Finish off with lots of trimmings and baubles--ruffs, tiny flowers, cubes and squares, and much more! 128 pages (all in color), 8 1/2 x 10. NEW IN PAPERBACK


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