20th Century Ghosts

Joe Hill
Imogene is young, beautiful . . . and dead, waiting in the Rosebud Theater one afternoon in 1945. . . . Francis was human once, but now he's an eight-foot-tall locust, and everyone in Calliphora will tremble when they hear him sing. . . . John is locked in a basement stained with the blood of half a dozen murdered children, and an antique telephone, long since disconnected, rings at night with calls from the dead. . . .Nolan knows but can never tell what really happened in the summer of '77, when his idiot savant younger brother built a vast cardboard fort with secret doors leading into other worlds. . . .The past isn't dead. It isn't even past. . . .


Reviewed: 2018-04-21
A collection of short stories mostly written before Heart Shaped Box. They are impressive and very well written. You can see the influence of his father (Stephen King) by the amount of baseball references in all the stories. Most are about family relationships and how they make everything seem unnatural. I highly recommend all though most are not horrific they all do seem to involve the unnatural just more psychological than monsters eating you.
Like most short story collections, some grabbed me and some didn't.
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