India Culture Kit #1

Cornell University
Items include: Miniature Drum, Bracelet with bells, Bell, Indian , Sickle, Horse (s), Mortar and Pestle, Spices, India Trip Planner, Colors of Indian Music: Moods of Indian Cinema, Colors of Indian Music: Strings of India, Holi Lantern, Poster of Indian Flag, Dolls, Oil Lamp spoon, Living Arts of India, Photos of Indian Food, Oil Lamp, Miniature Musician Figurines, Know India Packet, Heritage of Dance, Rice Bag (Indian Basmati Rice), Khussa (Orange Shoes), Bindi (Fancy), Manjira (Small cymbals), Holi (Celebrations in My World), Folklore of the Nomads, Diwali (Rookie Read-About Holidays), Diwali (Celebrations in My World) Festivals and fairs (Book), Children's Colouring Book, Indian handicrafts, Holi etc.


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