Pakistan Culture Kit

Cornell University
Items include: Currency, Uniform (Boys), Uniform: Blue and white school uniforms (Girls), Khussa, Chappal, School Bag, Hot Plate Mat (Chabba) , Embroidered Neck and Sleeves, Pakistan Flag (Half Flag), Clay Toys, Papièr Mâchà Box and Egg, Wooden Book Holder (Rihal), Lungi, Flute (Bansuri), Metal Balance Scale, Traditional Cushion Cover Miniature Metal Hand Pump, Evil Eye Blue Glass Mark, The Pictures of the founding fathers: Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Muhammad Iqbal (Poet of the East) Pakistan Stamps, Hand Crafted Bell from Hunza Handmade Embroidered Bookmark, Pakistani Newspapers: English: DAWN, Urdu: The Daily JANG , PODA Calendar 2008, Post Card Books, Map of Pakistan, Pamphlet of Bicycle Tour of Pakistan Urdu Alphabet Chart , Fan (Pakhi) Henna (Mehndi) and decorative rubber stamp (for hands), Prayer Mat (Jai Namaaz), Prayer Cap (Taqiyah) Wooden Coasters, Holy Quran, Ladies Shoes (Red) Pakistan Flag (Full Flag), Cassettes (Audio) Tarikh-i Pakistan, The Kind Wolf Saves Tarzen (Book), Amina and the Bee (Book).


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