All That's Holy: A Young Guy, an Old Car, and the Search for God in America

Tom Levinson
There's nothing more American than a road trip— and a spiritual road trip at that. From mosque to synagogue to chapel to coffee shop, Tom Levinson's entertaining and erudite stories of conversations with the faithful and the seeking get to the heart of religion in America today. All That's Holy is a fascinating conversational collage set against the backdrop of the author's deepening appreciation— both intellectually and spiritually— of his own religious roots."Tom Levinson has given us a spiritual Odyssey, an extended adventure in the new meaning of faith and hope. Eloquent, heartfelt, and true, this is a book America needs." — James Carroll, author, Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews and American Requiem, winner of the National Book Award"Tom Levinson has written an engaging and lucid personal essay on a timely and timeless subject." — Joyce Carol Oates, author, A Garden of Earthly Delights, Big Mouth & Ugly Girl, and I'll Take You There


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