Adult Children of Alien Beings

Dennis Danvers
Adult Children of Alien Beings by Dennis Danvers is a science fiction novelette about the emotional journey of a man seeking the truth about his parents, who were always rather ....odd, and his own heritage.


Reviewed: 2016-06-02
As the thought flits through my brain, I freeze, frozen in the process of shifting into Reverse.

Sometimes I just don’t understand people.

I drop back into Park. Dad said that all the time. I can hear him saying it. It was like the chorus of my childhood. Like he really meant it, felt it deeply. And Mom would put her arm around his shoulders and murmur, “It’s all right dear. Everything will be fine. You’ll see. It will all work out.” And he would look at her like she was the only one on the planet who truly understood him.

Maybe she was.

Remember the scene in the first Men in Black where Will Smith looks around at all the weird people and realizes of course there are aliens how could anyone ever doubt it? Ever looked at your family that way? Isn't family just another word for 'alien beings who happened to raise me'?

I love this story. These brothers? That's me and my brother. This man and his folks? That's me and my folks. The walking-disaster love interest? Well, I won't tell you who that is, but let's just say a friend of a friend. I've met her, you know? Most of all, I love this story because of what it isn't. It's not really an X-file. It just kind of thinks about X-files. Isn't that life? Isn't that every one of us?

Maybe it's just me. But I doubt it.

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(P.S. Hey, look! I finally read a Christmas story for my Advent Calendar short story challenge. Yay, me! Oh, yeah: I'm doing a short story challenge. Some of which are from collections, but many of which are from So there's that information, in case you're wondering why all the short story reviews all of a sudden. Although I am something of a short story fan, so this is apt to happen any time of year, really.)
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