Kraken Island

Eric S. Brown
Colonel Brannon Jackson’s Reapers are the toughest, deadliest, black ops squad that America has at her disposal. When the mission can’t afford to fail, the Reapers are the ones on the sharp end. A group of doomsday cultists determined to bring about the end of humanity is the Reapers’ latest target but this time even the Reapers may not be able to save the world as a prehistoric monster rises to claim the Earth’s seas as its own.


Reviewed: 2016-08-23

Mr. Brown’s rendition of the ancient creature of the deep was straight out of classic monster movie folklore. A band of cultists decide to start digging into science and history that would be best left alone, and GASP, the monster breaks out of their control to bring on the apocalypse. I can see that you are all as surprised with that outcome as I was, but I still found myself happily reading on. The finale was well worth the read, and a great surprise from the standard finish.

The plotting would be the high point of the book. There was no let down for the entire story, going from one action sequence right into the next, and coupled with the shorter length to the book, makes for a great afternoon read.

The characters were just beyond the cardboard cutout level of development, but that kind of works, since they are not the star of the story anyways. I wouldn’t have minded slowing down the pacing a little for just a bit more character development, but I can live with the tradeoff.


I would recommend this for any fans of the Monster Hunter International books of Larry Correia, or read Goosebumps when you were a kid. A great monster story that won’t keep you up at night, but will have you thinking twice before jumping into the water on your next trip to the beach. 

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