Alexander the Great: Murder in Babylon

Graham Phillips
In the second half of the fourth century BC, the Macedonian king Alexander the Great created the largest empire the world has ever known. At the very height of his power, on June 11, 323 BC, in the ancient city of Babylon, he died suddenly of a mysterious illness at the age of 33. For centuries scholars have debated what really killed the man who was arguably history's most successful soldier—but the cause of death has never been established. Now with the help of the Los Angeles Police Department and scientists at the University of Southern California, Graham Phillips reveals compelling forensic evidence that Alexander the Great was actually poisoned by a member of his court. Phillips re-creates the scene of the crime to reveal eight prime suspects and, after uncovering a maze of sexual intrigue, power-play, and romantic tragedy, ultimately exposes the one person with the means to have committed the murder.


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