American Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Garden Plants

The most comprehensive, up-to-date, and lavish guide to garden plants available today, this extensive encyclopedia includes over 8,000 plants, 4,000 of which are featured in exquisite full-color photographs. Written by a team of plant experts, this superb book is designed to be the gardener's bible, a standard work of reference for every gardening bookshelf. It is oganized into the following sections:Creating a Garden This is a simple guide to garden planning by John Brooks, the world-renowned landscape designer. Choice of plants in relation to garden style, scale, and proportion, and use of color and texture are all explained and illustrated with a host of gardens. Extensive lists suggest plants for particular sites.The Plant Catalog Organized in a unique, easy-to-use format, this section is arranged by plant type, size, season of interest, and color of flower or foliage. Over 4,000 plants are individually described, each with its own full-color photograph, symbols indicating cultivation requirements, hardiness zone numbers, and, for trees and shrubs, a scale drawing of mature size and shape.The Plant Dictionary a complete A-Z guide to more than 8,000 plants, this section also functions as an index to the encyclopedia. It describes every genus in the book and provides information about thousands of other recommended plants.Plus a complete index of over 2,500 common names for easy cross-reference and a glossary of straightforward definitions of the technical terms used in this book.


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